The Mystery of the Missing Bells


Randy Mavity

Big Sky has been quieter that usual due to a lack of bells to mark the beginning and end of the period.

Maddie Crandall, Editor in Chief

It has been oddly quiet today at Big Sky and students have been wondering why. But according to Secretary Karen Sweeney, administration was not aware of the lack of bells.

A poll of 15 teachers located in different hallways had mixed results. Of those polled six said that they had not heard a single bell today. Another eight teachers said that they had heard bells, but not every one, they had heard only scattered bells throughout the day. One teacher in the 60’s hall, said that they had heard every bell, but they all had been very faint, to point that one could barely tell that they had gone off.

Not having working bells can become an issue when teachers don’t realize that they aren’t working that day.  Ms. Christensen, a math teacher in main hall, didn’t hear a bell at the end the period, this led to her unknowingly keeping her students 15 minutes late.

The school has contacted the company that installed the bells to correct the issue.