Accidental Discharge of Pepper Spray


Kaelie Lane

Students study and work in main hallway during first period on Dec 4.

Maddie Crandall, Editor in Chief


   The pepper spray today in main hall was released accidentally from a keychain canister, and was not used in self defense, according to Principal Jennifer Courtney. Around a dozen students visited the nurse for incident related symptoms, which were fairly mild and include headaches, sore throat, burning in the lungs and coughing.

   On Wednesday December 4th as students began to leave their second period class to go to lunch, a substance now known to be pepper spray was discharged in Main Hall at Big Sky. The release caused students to experience a cough and a burning sensation in their throat. The event was reported to administration and all students were cleared from the hallway.

   Main Hall was shut down for the remainder of lunch and into third period, students accessed their third period classes through the core and there were no major issues regarding their ability to do so.

   In order to prevent the spread of residue, the school shut off the HVAC system to main hall and used large fans borrowed from Jackson Construction in the doorways to circulate fresh air in and the contaminated air out. Custodial staff worked to remove any residue from tables, walls, floors, and other surfaces.

   Nursing staff has been on campus for any students experiencing symptoms.