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  • EDM and JCKSN

    EDM and JCKSN

    Aaron Toney, A&E Editor

    November 26, 2018

    In school and in everyday life everyone is good at something even if they don't show that talent in public. There are some that are good with words, some are good with numbers and then there are the few that have that awesome stage and showmanship skills that just comes natural. Jackson Maki is one...

    Jackson having a blast at Socotra.

    Dan Franz

  • Superintendent to Retire

    Superintendent to Retire

    Dylan Sandry, Staff Writer

    November 19, 2018

    Mark Thane announced his retirement from his position as superintendent of Missoula County Public Schools, after being part of the district for 39 years. His retirement is effective June 30th, 2019.   According to an article in the Missoulian, Thane began his career as a teacher and worked his...

    Superintendent Mark Thane announces Jennifer Courtney as the new Principal of Big Sky back in May of 2018. Thane will retire after this year.

    Jessica Cook

  • Thank God It’s…Thursday?

    Thank God It’s…Thursday?

    Jaymie Sanders, Staff Writer

    November 19, 2018

    Imagine that it’s Thursday. And everyone in class is packing their bags and waiting impatiently for the bell to ring. The few minutes left remaining, feel like a few hours. But finally, the bell echoes its way across the classroom and down the vast hallways. The three day weekend is looming ahead ...

    Could Friday be the new Saturday? For some districts in Montana, it already is.

    Savannah Hauglum

  • Jazz Band Has Too Many Students

    Jazz Band Has Too Many Students

    October 9, 2018

      By Angel Williams As the room goes dark and the stage lights up, you can see shiny, metal  objects. No wait, they aren’t just objects. They are instruments, silver and gold. Trumpets, saxophones, clarinets, flutes, trombones, drums, tubas. The musicians are under the lights, wh...

    "Upper class band students should feel proud, for their legacy and music at Big Sky that they are passing down to the Freshman" Jesse Dochnahl 2018 Photo courtesy of Jesse Dochnahl


Cylestte Williams asked Eagles about holidy traditions...let's see what she found!

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