Police Involved Shooting in Downtown Missoula


Aaron Toney

A Missoula police officer was shot at this morning outside the Missoula Courthouse.

Maddie Crandall and Aaron Toney

According to NBC Montana shots were fired at a police car being driven by an officer this morning around 9:45am near the corner of Woody St. and Broadway. The shooting was a result of a routine traffic stop, the reason for which is still unknown.

NBC Montana states “Missoula sources say it started when a Missoula police officer pulled over a car. We’re told it appears shots were fired at the officers back window at a different angle than the car involved in the traffic stop.”

As of 3 o’clock on Wednesday the public cannot go within a radius of about 400 blocks of Woody St. Police have been clearing buildings, and snipers have been positioned on rooftops nearby. In an attempt to keep the public safe, police have asked news crews and civilians to keep their distance and move to safer positions. Police have a command center set up in the downtown Missoula Police Station.

According to UMPD officers there are no suspect details available to the public at the time being.

Some Heath Science Academy students whose job shadows were downtown today got stuck there, and or had to cancel and reschedule.

Officers are asking the public to keep a safe distance until the issues have been resolved accordingly.