Howl for Missoula


Courtesy of Facebook

The Howl is a great way for the community to show support for essential workers and healthcare personnel

Maddie Crandall, Editor-in-Chief

   As the Covid 19 pandemic is forcing people to socially distance themselves and only go out for necessities, communities around the country are finding ways to recognise and thank our essential workers and healthcare personnel. In Missoula one form of recognition can be heard at 8pm every night. Missoula and its surrounding communities have found a fun and safely distanced way of showing how grateful they are for all those who are continuing to make sure they can get what they need to stay safe at home. Missoula howls.

   The howling began with a group on Facebook. The group quickly gained traction and grew at an amazing rate, at the time of publication the HOWL for MISSOULA Facebook page had over 15,000 members. One of these members is Big Sky Junior Madison McDonald. McDonald howls every night for the people she works with and healthcare workers, “my mom and I both work at a dental office, so we howl for our coworkers as well as the amazing nurses and doctors!”

   For some, howling is a way for them to feel like, even though they are at home, they are adding something to the community by voicing their support through howls. Big Sky Junior Makennah Hewitt says, “it makes me feel like I’m contributing to the community and supporting the essential workers.”

   The Howl is also a way for people to connect in a time when it could otherwise be difficult to do so. “It’s great to unite with your neighbors. I do hear a lot of other howling where I live.” says McDonald.

   Going out and howling may sound a bit odd, and it can feel odd doing it, as McDonald says “I feel a little crazy, but it’s fun to laugh with your family.”

   The Howl for Missoula, despite sounding strange, is a great way to go out and connect with others in the community while still staying safely away from them and showing support. It can also give one a sense of pride, Hewitt says, “it makes me feel really good about the community we live in and how everyone is supporting who is on the front lines.”


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