Students Against The Sweep

Empty Hallway

MariAuna Ballas

Thirties hallway is empty on an early morning. Might see a lot more of these now that we have The Sweep.

Ava McPhillips, Sports Editor

Due to a major increase in tardiness this last semester, the Big Sky staff has chosen to implement a new policy called The Sweep. No, we’re not talking about cleaning the floors; we’re talking about cleaning attendance.

From now on the administration will choose random periods on random days to do a “Sweep”.

Out of a poll conducted of 50 students in the hallways during fourth period , 47 of them said that they did not agree with the sweep as a new policy.

According to the Dean, Sabrina Beed, at least 30 kids were picked up in the Sweep this morning before first period, but she estimates there will be less and less every time they do it.

Students are in an uproar about this new policy. Rustee Fritz feels so strongly against this new rule that she decided to start a petition in protest. “You can’t force people to come to class if they wanna be there they’re going to be there… it’s so dumb.”

One big complaint Fritz has against it is about going out to lunch. “If you’re rushing [students] to get back to the school especially in Montana weather they’re going to get into a wreck and it’s going to be the school’s fault.”

When a Sweep occurs all the teachers will lock their doors and not let anyone who is late into class. Specific teachers will then roam the halls and escort the students left in the halls to a room with a waiting administrator. Then there will be a lecture about the importance of arriving to class on time. That after being “swept” twice students will receive a detention and if continued they will serve in-school suspension.

According to English teacher Meleina Helmer, The Sweep is a “semi lighthearted” way to solve a problem that shouldn’t even exist. “The whole problem would be solved if kids were here on time.”

Additional reporting by Jake Gardanier.