Choir Christmas Concert

Angel Williams , Photo Editor

On Wednesday December 12, at 7:00 pm, Big Sky Choir is holding their Christmas concert. Featuring all kinds of festive and fun songs.

Nancy Labbe Big Sky’s Choir teacher shares  “we are excited, because everyone really enjoys singing holiday theme music this time of the year.”

Labbe also adds, “We also got a few of our First Night Idol are going to be singing their solos. Juniors Haven Moss for example,” she says looking into the choir room where Haven Moss was. “And Adeline Michels as well.”

Not only are they excited to perform in front of the audience but to also have the audience sing the closing song with them. “At the end of our concert the audience sings the song Peace Peace along with all the choir students”

Go check out the Choir performance on December 12, check out the solos and sing along with the Choir at the end.