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International Club Students frosting cookies on November 5

International Club:

Student Discover the World

As the second period of the day comes towards an end and lunch begins, students line up at the door. As the bell rings, students pour into the hallways making their way to the cafeteria, their cars, or their friends. Meanwhile others make their way to International Club.

            International Club gives ways for people in Big Sky to learn more about the world. “You get to learn about different cultures and out your opinion about it and it’s valid, they actually hear and understand what you say,” Senior Anna Lubke shares.

International Club only got to Big Sky a year ago, “This will be International Club’s second year so I will be hosting for the past two years,” Katie DeGrandpre, International Club’s advisor and one of Big Sky’s Spanish teachers says.

This year has more simple goals compared to last year. Instead of focusing on traveling they want to bring it more to the community. “I think the goals for me would be to have more student leadership,”  DeGrandpre says, “I want to bring awareness around Big Sky, and show people that the United States is part of the international group, we are not just an island.”

Lubke agrees. “This year we are going to focus more on the community than  Internationally,” she says. “Last year we didn’t really do that we could have done a lot more for the community but we didn’t look into it, we just were planning trips. The trips we planed are to where Spain, Japan, Australia, Italy, and France, I think.”

The trip to Spain, France and Italy will go on this spring, with Mrs. Miller, Mr Marcinkowski, and Mrs. Helmer Chaperoning.

The trip to Japan is tentatively scheduled for fall 2020, according to Mrs. Cook another advisor for international club, so look for a first parent meeting around February if you’re interested.

Unlike last year instead of planning a trip to another country they decided to focus on something else. “We want to do more games and activities,” Junior Savannah Holgate, the secretary for International club shares. “I heard that last year was more work related. This year we just want to have more fun.”

Students playing whisper game
Angel Williams
Students Play the Whisper Game using words from different languages

Lubke wants to see more people aware and welcome to different cultures. “I want to see the International Club encourage more people, like the community and help the ones who need.”

Degrandpre wants to see more interactions from the students around Big Sky. “I want to see consistent student involvement,”  DeGrandpre says. “I want to see Big Sky appreciative of other cultures.”

Cali Higgins a Freshman began going to International club after hearing about it from the 8th grade tour done every year for the incoming freshman. “This is my first year,” she shares. “I found out about it from the 8th grade tour, it sounded interesting so I decided to go.”

She adds. “Some goals for the club could be to work on new projects, try new things, and maybe set up a festival thing where people could learn or be introduced to new cultures”.

This is also her first year ever going to the club. “This is my first year,” she shares. “I knew about it last year, I just put it off till this year.”

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