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Jake Gardanier, Cole Campbell, and Syd McNulty run Behind The Arc Podcast Instagram: @basports

Jake Gardanier, Staff Writer

Behind The Arc is a sports podcast where we give our listeners the latest on professional, college, and Big Sky sports. New podcasts come out every Tuesday on Soundcloud. The Sun Journal has asked the crew at Behind The Arc to answer some of the most controversial questions Behind The Arc fans had in the sports world and here’s what they said.


Kobe Hill: Who is the Greatest NBA player of all time?


Jake Gardanier: LeBron James. LeBron for 17 straight years has been dominating the NBA. Usually the NBA players peak at the age 28 and start declining at an age around 32. LeBron however is 35 years old and is arguably playing the best basketball of his career. Although this year, the addition of Anthony Davis has taken a toll on LeBron’s scoring load, he is making it up with assists, where he is averaging almost 11.

LeBron is averaging around 27 points, 7 assists, and 7 rebounds on his career and is a four time MVP, three time NBA champion, 15 time all-star and is on pace to break the career scoring record. With this season looking so great for LeBron I wouldn’t be surprised to see even more hardware on Lebron’s shelf.

Cole Campbell: Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan for his incredible stats and six championship wins and helping define the NBA and basketball.

Syd Mcnulty: LeBron James. I think LeBron James is the “GOAT” because obviously of how good of a basketball player he is and how his background affected him. I think for a lot of people he is the person people think of when they think of the NBA and for that reason Lebron is my pick.


Jeff Gardanier: Who are the most Overrated and Underrated NBA players?


Jake Gardanier:

 Overrated: Russell Westbrook

Underrated: Damian Lillard

Cole Campbell:

Overrated: Kawhi Leonard

Underrated: Spencer Dinwiddie

Syd Mcnulty:

Overrated: Russell Westbrook

Underrated: Demar Derozan


Andrea Hren: Do you think Tom Brady will play in the NFL next year? And if yes, for what team?


Jake Gardanier: I think he will play and run it back with the Patriots. I trust that front office to build a better WR core around him and compete for a championship

Cole Campbell: Yes, he will and I agree it will also be for the Patriots.

Syd Mcnulty: No. I do not think Tom Brady will play next year because i think he wants to end with a good reputation.


Jess Kern: What are your thoughts on horseshoe the sport?


Jake Gardanier: Sorry Jess, but I don’t think horseshoe should be considered a sport. It requires no athletic ability and is just not entertaining.

Cole Campbell: Horseshoe is not a sport, it is a leisure, recreational activity

Syd Mcnulty: Horseshoe is not a sport.