Parking Pass Crackdown



Example of a Big Sky parking pass. Photo by Ava McPhillips

Ciashe Vang, Online Editor

By Ciashe Vang

To crackdown on the lack of parking passes and illegal parking, the administration has begun to issue tickets and fines to cars that don’t have passes.
To fully implement this use, student groups will be checking the parking lot everyday to make sure cars have passes. If cars don’t have a pass, they will be given a pink slip to see Karen in the main office to get one.
If the issue persists, there will be consequences Sabrina Beed, the Dean of Students says. “In the event of a first warning, students will simply be called to get a free parking pass, however, if they fail to obtain one a second time, it’ll be a call to parents and a higher fine of ten dollars.”
However, if there is a third time, it will be a referral to the SRO for a citation and a fine.
In addition to improving the situation of parking passes, the administration is also checking if any students are parked illegally. In the first incident
of illegally parking, the school can contact students and it will be a warning. However, if this issue persists, then Officer Lloyd will issue a real fine on the vehicle. This can be very important to notify students before any real consequence happens, which is why parking passes are vital to contact students based on their car.
Recently at the school, there was an incident involving a student vehicle in the parking lot. There was no parking pass and made finding the owner difficult and longer than needed. For this problem, the most logical decision for Big Sky administration was a crackdown on parking passes.
Student President of the junior class, Walker Winterburn says that the passes are a great way to ensure that the school is safe. “It’s a good idea, in general, to make sure people who are parking here are supposed to be here in order to keep this school safe.”
Parking passes have been required for every driver at Big Sky High School since the fall of last year.
New student drivers must have their car model, license plate and their license on hand when acquiring a parking pass.
However, if a parking pass is lost, the student must go see Karen and pay a five dollar fine to get a new one. Junior Fiona Morrow says that it doesn’t make sense to pay a fine for a rule that isn’t enforced as much as it should. She says, “I think it’s excessive to make students pay a five dollar fine since the school doesn’t seem to enforce it.”
Student drivers must have their parking passes shown on their car at all times at school and new student drivers should head over to the main office and grab their parking pass.