Drama Swings for the Fences

Big Sky’s Drama Department Produces Haunted House at Osprey Stadium.


Photo courtesy of Lillie Corcoran

Cast of haunted house poses for a picture after successful opening night.

Ava McPhillips, Sports Editor

Editor’s note: The story below has a factual error. The drama department was invited to act in the haunted house by Allegiance Field and did not produce, set the price for, or recieve money from their performance in it. The story below appears as originally printed on 10/29/19. For more information, please read the letter to the editor by Drama Adviser Sarah DeGrandpre.


This weekend was the grand opening of the drama department’s haunted house. The cast converted the Missoula Osprey locker room and outdoor patio into a whole other chilling world. The cast of the production worked very hard, and the decorations and makeup looked amazing. 

It was obvious from the minute that you walked in that the cast had worked extremely hard on the setup, and it paid off. Each different themed room was well thought out and very elaborate. Their attention to detail was astounding. Each person had their unique costume and makeup to go along with it. 

The amount of acting talent each one of the cast members had was very impressive considering it was a bunch of high school students. Not one of them broke character or was unprofessional. There was some “scary” left to be desired. 

Expectations were set high for an amazing and long performance when walking up to the front gate and discovering that one ticket costs $10. To walk through the entire haunted house it took about 7 minutes. I understand that the Drama Department needs money to put on productions, but it doesn’t seem like the show what worth what was paid for it. 

If you are a person who is not a big fan of scary things such as scary movies, haunted house or just any jump scares, this is the ideal haunted house for you. Although it was a lot of fun and it’s always good to support a school club it wouldn’t be the right choice for someone who is looking for a good scare. However it’s perfect for kids and very family-friendly. 

Overall the drama department had a very successful opening weekend. And the cast should be proud of the final product. Be sure to look out for their haunted house again next year.