Letter to the Editor: Corrections to “Drama Swings for the Fences”

Big Sky Drama acted in, but did not produce the haunted house at Allegiance Field

Sarah DeGrandpre, Letter to the Editor

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Congratulations on putting out the Sun Journal! We read and discussed articles in our upper level theatre classes. I love the cover story about Hats Not Hate. It was also nice to have a paper copy in the classroom to read.

We are appreciative of the article written by Ava McPhillips on the Haunted House. She did a good job with the article. Ava was complimentary and fair in her assessment of the haunted house. I do want to point out that there is a bit of misinformation printed in the article. The haunted house at Allegiance Field is not produced by Big Sky Drama Department. While we performed in it, it is not our haunted house and we are under the regulations set up by Allegiance Field. We are doing what they have asked us to do as volunteers working at their haunted house. We do not collect any money at the gate. We did not set the price for the haunted house, Allegiance Field set the price.  They are the ones who are trying to make money as well as offer another opportunity for a Halloween seasonal activity. Not that this is maybe the most important fact but I do think it is important to get the correct information printed.

Ava is correct in that the Drama department does need money to put on productions. Theatre productions are quite expensive to produce. However that might be another subject for a future article. Lol.

Please congratulate your staff – we enjoyed the paper and had a great learning opportunity discussing several aspects of your paper. We look forward to seeing your next issue as we think your students/staff are doing good work and should be proud of their accomplishment.

 — Sarah DeGrandpre (SD)

Adviser, Big Sky Drama