Big Sky soccer ends off the 2021 Season


Damon Quist, Reporter

As the 2021 soccer season ends here at Big Sky High, nothing beats going out during or after school hours to watch the Eagles play against rivaling schools. The first few weeks of the season weren’t too hot for our soccer teams, but we’ve gotten to watch the Eagles hold off against Helena, Glacier, Butte, Capital, and even Hellgate. Although we only won one game this season, there’s still more to come from our mighty eagles. Upon this topic, we’ve gotten to talk to a few of the Eagle’s players, and how they’re taking in the 2021 season.
When it came to the start of the season, the Eagles were eager to play against future teams. “This year we’ve built a really good connection as teammates, and an even better bond. Working together this year has been easier, and making the field more fun to play on,” says Noel Migliaccio. Asides from the girl’s team, the boy’s team has had “rougher years in the past, but this year the number of players showing up, and the team’s skill level overall has greatly improved,” says Chase Klemundt. Taking on the start of the new season for both teams was not only thrilling, but enjoyable for those who watched the games.
As the first few games took place in the season, the Eagles started making plans for their games against upcoming teams, and for returning games to teams such as Hellgate and Flathead. “We’re really excited to play our crosstown games against Sentinel and Hellgate, they’re just really going to be good games,” says Noel. “Our biggest threat is Hellgate, as they’ve always been the best in the state, and they’ll always be up there,” says Maddux Burwick. With these games ahead, our teams were ready to play against our neighboring teams.
With the start of the 2021 season, our teams were not only cooperating with each other, but were building team-like relationships to boost each other up. A current boys’ soccer player, Weston McCullough says how “we haven’t really had a goalie this year, but Harley’s been our goalie so far, and he’s been doing a good job so far. I’d say he’s our most valuable player, as we needed a goalie, and he stepped up.” Another soccer player, Quincy Morrison talks about Annie Migliaccio is their MVP, as even after getting a surgery and being out for the first few games of the season, going through Covid, and facing other obstacles, she still came back and gave it her all. She shows great leadership, and myself and many others look up to her.”
After all that’s happened within the 2021 season, our teams are already planning for the next season. Prepared for anything coming their way, our teams are motivated, excited, and ready to overcome any obstacles in their path.