This is Stupid and Here’s Why…

A Column for People Who Hate Everything


Jessica Cook

Ava The Grouch: because it takes a brave spirit to look out across the world and complain about it loudly.

Ava McPhillips, Sports Editor

Get out of the way! :

One of the most aggravating parts of Big Sky’s culture is the obnoxious way that people who choose to stand in the middle of the main hall when people are trying to get to class. The staggering number of students makes going to class difficult and infuriating.
All I want to do is to make it to class without having to navigate through hordes of students.
The part that astounds me is that people have no awareness that they are inconveniencing everyone around them.
As a small person, I find it particularly difficult to fight my way through, so I have to resort to using elbows. People then seem to get irritated and give me mean looks.
But what do they expect??? They stand in impenetrable clusters like Roman Soldiers, and then they get mad when people try to get through. I think that this needs to change. Individual teachers are powerless against them, but if enough of the staff and students were able to band together and do something about it we could force them to move.

Keep your bad music to yourself:

You’re walking down the hall minding your own business when suddenly, a group of people starts towards you blasting their tasteless music loudly on a speaker. This situation happens to me at least once a day.
These people annoy everyone around them. I don’t understand why they would think anyone wants to listen to their awful music. When in a public space it’s an unwritten rule and just plain common courtesy to wear headphones when listening to music.
Playing your music, also, doesn’t make you cool in any way, it just makes you annoying.
It’s unclear whether these people are truly unaware that their actions affect other people or if they just don’t care. Either way, I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that, it would be much appreciated if you would please stop.
You are more than welcome to go outside, blast music, sing and dance. Just please not in the crowded hallway where we all have to listen to the atrocious music you guys choose to play.