A Student’s Journey Through Music


Kylee M

Sophomore Faith Taberna enjoying life the best way she can.

Kylee Merseal, Contributor

As freshman Juliana Rodli plays the chords to Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You” on piano, in a Big Sky practice room. sophomore Faith Taberna backs her up with strong vocals. Taberna is 15 and a sophomore here at Big Sky. Taberna participates in many different programs involving the musical arts inside and out of school. She has been in MCT (Missoula’s Children’s Theater) plays in the past. Taberna has shown that she doesn’t have any plans to stop learning and creating music.
Along with singing fun and festive songs in her free time, Taberna has recently spent her time producing a song. Late one night  Taberna felt inspired and wrote a chorus, and after working on it for a few days a song was born. After some contemplation,      Taberna decided to name her creation “I’m Okay”.“It’s really fun to create songs because I like how artists express their feelings through music.”
Many people are in awe at Taberna’s natural talent including Rodli, Taberna’s personal pianist and friend of three years. “Faith is an incredibly talented musician,” says Rodli “Not only does she have a powerful voice and so much passion when she sings, her attitude is always positive and encouraging to those around her. The emotion she puts out there is inspiring.”
Though it may be hard to tell due to her extroverted ways, this is Taberna’s first year at Big Sky. Her freshman year was at Valley Christain, a private high school in Missoula. During her time at Valley, Taberna participated in a very small choir and in theater “In my previous school I was in a choir class as well as a drama class that involved a lot of singing.”
Here at Big Sky Taberna decided to join choir as well as Tri-M, a music honors society. “I’m in Aserian [choir] right now, and I’m also in All Star Honors Choir.” Taberna currently sings soprano but can sing anywhere from soprano to tenor.
Taberna has had only good experiences when it comes to music classes so far. “I really love Mrs. Labbe here and my two other choir teachers were really really amazing.”
All around Taberna is very conversant with multiple types of music. Along with singing in school, Taberna is a worship Leader at Christian Life Center and New Life Church. No matter where she is or what she is singing, Taberna shows a great deal of passion for music as a whole, she knows how to play the guitar and would love to improve on her skills as well as possibly learning how to play the piano one day.