Boys Soccer Starts Off With A Win


Miya Nash

Junior Maximus Halter, and sophomores Aydan Porch and Issac Laforest running to delay the pass to another one of the opposing Flathead players.

Miya Nash, Staff Writer

     Coming into the new soccer season, the boys were hungry for some wins this year. But as you all know, the boys have struggled in previous years.  But things change, and new people come into the new season. 

    And to keep in mind, the boys had enough boys try out this year to have two teams. Our boys junior varsity pulled off a win as well this year. Freshman William Gee gets the experience of swinging both varsity and junior varsity. He says that he was really excited about this new season, and he couldn’t wait to see what was to come, but he also said that he wasn’t expecting much for this year.  “ I thought that the season was going to be really relaxed and fun, and I didn’t expect to win any games this year.” 

    But boy was he wrong. The boys won their first game in three years against Butte. With a score of 3-3 within the last 10 minutes of the game, Drew Yarbrough made a penalty kick putting the boys in the lead. The boys fought hard to pull off a win with a score of 4-3.

    The boys coach has the boys do drills, such as acceleration and practical drills. When they say practical drills, they mean mean passing and dribbling. The boys also said that they don’t do very much fitness and that they think that is part of the reason they are not doing as well as they had hoped.

    From the first win against Butte, the boys were able to pull off another win against Butte again. With a score of 3-0, the boys fought hard to keep Butte from scoring. Looks like the boys are going strong this year, and they are fighting. Keep fighting boys, and you’ll get your chance sooner than you think you will!