Phone Policy Tightens


Aubree Rush

Sophmore Ethan Ingraham slightly mocks the phone caddy with his sassy pose

Aubree Rush, Staff Writer

The phone policy is adored by a limited amount of people here at Big Sky.  As English teacher Kim Lucostic says “I love it I think kids are more focused and less distracted and their not distracting others by texting and so forth.”

While the staff may be liking the new policy the students aren’t completely for it. Some students see the stricter phone policy unneeded and pointless saying things were better before . Sophomore Ethan Ingraham says “ I think its kinda unnecessary because it’s been working in the past.” 

  As students playing on their phones during class has started to become more and more of a problem. And Sabrina Beed had found that phones can be pretty harmful to the development of our brains. “The phone policy was a conversation with staff. It was around a particular study where a MRI was compared to another MRI, the first MRI being a substance abuser and another was a student who didn’t have access to their phone. And what we found was that MRI was identical.” 

The phone policy is used to keep students off their phones and have them more focused on what is happening in the classroom. And while the phone policy has its pros and cons and it is hard to completely take away phones since they became a big part of peoples day to day life. 

Yet as the debate goes on it is clear that teachers prefer to not have them in the classroom because it is seen as a privilege, says Ingraham, and some students tend to abuse that privilege. This ongoing debate will probably not go away. But for now, staff has decided having a stricter phone policy is the best choice.