Girls Soccer goes off with a bang


Sabryn Knight

Annie Migliaccio races to the ball while a defender hovers behind her.

Miya Nash, Staff Writer

  Coming into the new soccer season, there were high expectations for the girls soccer team this year. With a record of 9-2-2 ( 9 wins, 2 losses, and 2 ties) last year. The girls also came in second at state last year, they really set the bar high, and living up to those standards is hard work.


  Senior Dani Rodli said that the team likes to build up the same team from the previous year, but also the intimacy as a unit this year will be better.“ We like to rebuild the same kind of atmosphere from last year, and the closeness as a team is going to be better this year because there are so many more girls.” 


   I am a central forward on the team, I know that it is not very easy living up to those standards, but not only do the upperclassmen have to live up to the standards that were set last year, but so do the underclassmen. And having that much stress, having to live up to such a high bar is scary and not easy to do.


  Freshman Addie Johnson said that the coaches want them to play and practice hard all the time, and they want them to be strong and go hard in games.. “ Our coaches always want us to give 110%, 110% of the time. Of course for practice but also for games. You practice how you play. And not only do we put in effort for everything, but the coaches do too.”  


  As we know, so far the girls are off to a strong start this year, with a record of 3-2-2 (3 wins, 2 losses, and 2 ties). They keep fighting to win the state title this year. Good luck Girls!