Do You Know Where Your Pants Went?


Aubree Rush

Scrunchies: what any VSCO girl can’t live without.

Aubree Rush, Staff Writer

And I oop, sksksksk, where are your pants, save the turtles, I only wear six scrunchies on each arm.

If you know of or have heard any of those terms you probably know of VSCO girls. So hide your plastic straws and let’s get into VSCO girls here at Big Sky.

As silly as it sounds, in a poll of 30 Big Sky students 23 said they wear scrunchies, and four said they identify as a VSCO girl, and three refused to answer. As the VSCO trend is becoming more popular everyday is hard not to wonder: will they ever return to the pants life? Will they save the turtles? Well, one can only hope.

The VSCO trend started as an app that had been around for a little while and just now is becoming popular. It was said to be the new Instagram or Snapchat.

But VSCO is just an editing app for pictures. And VSCO girls actually do everything on Instagram or TikTok. But honestly, it could go a little deeper and truly just be a movement to get a point across that turtles are dying and slowly becoming close to being extinct because we don’t take care of the planet.

While it may forever be a mystery of where their pants went, they do have the right idea for the turtles. So to keep your young minds thinking: Is this just a silly trend or is it really a movement of teens trying to save the turtles while making a fashion statement? And as this has made its way to Big Sky will you join the messy buns and scrunchies?