Senior & Freshman Girls take the W in “Big Sky Weather”

The annual Girls’ Gridiron game is cut short at 14-0 due to rain and hail

Ava McPhillips, Sports Editor

The Girls on the Gridiron played today during third period. The Senior/freshman team beat Junior/Sophomore 14-0.  Although the game was unable to be finished because of the immense amount of rain, players, students and spectators all had fun.

 Junior Donovan Zavala coach of the Junior/Sophomore team was disappointed about the game being cut short and says that Big Sky just couldn’t take the rain. “Calling the game for the weather is soft.” 

The Senior/Freshman’s defense and offense were both very strong. The offense was led by senior quarterback Whitney Morrison and fellow senior running back Hannah Santamaria. Santamaria was described as “unstoppable” by Sun Journal announcer Jake Gardanier. She used jukes and spin moves to outsmart and outplay her opponents.

 Contrary to the Senior/Freshman’s strategy to outplay the other team, the Junior/Sophomore’s, was to trick their opponents. They tried to use pitches and double pitches to gain yards.    

Junior Grace Denman was also frustrated about the game being called early and claims that if the game had continued, they would’ve been able to close the gap. ”If we got to be on offense in the second half we could’ve.”

Unfortunately, due to the game ending early we missed out on hearing about the other sports teams’ successes this year, so make sure you go out and support all Big Sky sports!