Missoula Climate Strikers Skip School to Save the Planet


Laurinda Holgate

A striker demonstrates in Caras Park on Friday, September 20, holding up a handmade sign that says, "The planet is worth more that your Lobby $." Big Sky students were among hundreds of participants from across the city.

Ciashe Vang, Online Editor

On Friday September 20th, Big Sky students and students around the globe participated in the Climate Strike. The majority of Missoula students met at Caras Park around 10 a.m. They skipped class to strike and to show the media and government that climate change is happening and affecting us all. 

The stands were filled with protesting students from all three high schools. Speakers were present to talk about how climate change is affecting them and people around the globe.

Junior Griffin Zeigert says the climate strikers hope to get the attention of officials. He said, “The goal is to bring attention to climate change and show the government we’re serious by skipping school and protesting.” 

On Friday morning, Leaf club members were passing out green armbands with the Earth painted on it to show their support. 

Some students from Big Sky spoke in front of the crowds as well.

Junior Class President Walker Winterburn made a speech saying that action is needed now. “We have 10 years until the damage done is irreversible. The ocean’s acidity is 30% more, which could kill almost all of marine life. The Amazon rain forest is being burned and is leaving animals and humans without homes and food. I could list fact after fact but the most important fact is that our planet is dying and we’re killing it.” 

Additional reporting by Ashley Braun