Big Sky Falls Short in Long Battle Against Hellgate

Eagles Can’t Recover Despite Incredible Fourth Quarter Rebound


Ava McPhillips

The Eagles played hard but couldn’t overcome the Knights.

Ava McPhillips, Sports Editor

The Knights beat Big Sky 35-21, taking the Eagles out in a crosswtown rivalry game last Friday.

The Eagles started with a rough game with the Knights scoring quickly in the first quarter. The Knights then widened their lead, scoring seven more times before Big Sky even scored once.

Even though they were down by 35 in the fourth quarter Big Sky still battled through and made a comeback, scoring three touchdowns before the game ended. 

The Eagles’ Quarterback, senior Drevan Lincoln (#3), had five turnovers that cost us touchdowns. But he also had 300 passing yards with the team just falling up short at the end zone.

A highlight of the game was when senior Ben Maehl (#7) bobbled the ball but then gained control, scoring Big Sky a touchdown. 

One of Big Sky’s main challenges is their young team. A number of strong seniors that left Big Sky last year, including QB Andrew Gardanier and Captain Wyatt Shinn.

Overall Big Sky played a good, solid game. They played hard and never gave up just falling up short at the end.

If Big Sky cleans up their defense and continues with the passing yards and clean plays, they will win games.

Additional reporting by Jake Gardanier