Senior Profile: Abby Racicot — Next Leg of Her Journey

Abby Racicot will take her drama skills to Carroll College, planning a major in Elementary Education


Courtesy of Abby Racicot

“If you’ve put in the work ahead of time, I’ve learned that more opportunities seem to come your way,” says graduating senior Abby Racicot.

She may be in the running for shortest senior in the class of 2019 but Abby Racicot hasn’t let that get her lost in the crowd. For those who know Racicot they know she has a lot of spunk, is a confident hard worker, a caring friend and seldom ever incorrect. Due to all of what makes up Racicot high school has at a tough time slowing her down. Racicot has intentionally made high school busy for herself and senioritis hasn’t slowed her senior year. “I came into my freshman year with the attitude that I need to stay as involved as I can,” says Racicot. This is evident in Racicot’s tenure in the drama department, academics and Speech and Debate.

Her first month in high school she was already trying out for the fall production of “The Addams Family”. Right off the bat, she set the tone for the next four years by getting a role in the family as Pugsley. “I was the small plump boy in my first high school performance and I could sing really high so I guess it worked. We had to stuff my shirt with ace bandages and the experience of it all was incredible.”

Racicot admits she rarely gets too stressed about anything but this performance so early in her high school career got to her a little. Racicot explains “I was pretty scared because I was a really new freshman and my other brother was a senior and left a pretty memorable mark on the [Drama] department.”

Racicot should have no doubt that her presence was certainly felt on stage over the past few years and that she has inspired many “(quote from a friend)”. Racicot also impressively choreographed several portions of dance to several productions. Her qualifications for this come with her strong dancing resume of taking ballet, jazz, hip hop, and tap.

Aside from range dance gives her on stage she also spread her knowledge of dance by teaching a tap class for a few months during the year for her senior project. “I’m really proud of my students I had during those eight weeks and that experience really taught me about a field I’m really interested in [education] and I enjoy dance so much. It was just the perfect situation really.”

On a completely different stage, Racicot has competed and tore up her senior year of speech and debate. Racicot was understandably justified in saying that her most proud moment of high school was when she placed first at state speech and debate in the category of humorous interpretation. “The event only gives me 10 minutes to prepare so I was a little nervous but I was happy with how it went and even happier with how it turned out.” An accomplishment that has come with four years of hard work and experience. A definite pattern for Racicot across the board in high school.

Racicot will be leaving Big Sky next year and will attend Carroll College in Helena with a major in Elementary education. Future Eagles can certainly learn a thing or two from Racicot’s experience and her advice for underclassmen. “My high school experience wasn’t all that difficult for me, however, I will say that like in life everything work is required. My first year I had to make friends in drama and succeed in several of my rigorous classes. These can be a difficult task to accomplish, but if you put in the work ahead of time I’ve learned that more opportunities seem to come your way.”