Senior Profile: Cyrus Olson, Born To Rock, Bound To Roll


Aaron Toney

Cyrus Olson on the first day of band recording.

Aaron Toney, A&E editor

Many students at Big Sky High School derive their inspiration from their Senior Projects from homelife, hobbies and careers their families have taken part in.

Everyone has to start someplace, weather that place be school or just at home.

“We lived in this house with all these friends and they all had guitarist and drummers and vocalist, but they didn’t have a bass player. So I  was like “okay” i’ll play bass, so my dad handed me a bass and a country work book and I learned” Said Cyrus Olson.

When you think about what school does for people educationally you might think the classes help student excel in in science math or athletics but music is an extremely important part of many students lives including Cyrus Olson.

“I believe all my experiences through music will help me I’ve played so many different types of music, i’m actually currently playing in Big Sky High Schools’ jazz band, I used to play in orchestra, and I was  in a christian rock band for a while with my dad. We were just band B, we were the backup band for my church” Said Olson.

With the end of the year coming as fast as it is it’s time for some seniors to start thinking  or acting on what to do for work in their communities. “I actually do security but for other show for like for Rocky Mountain Rigging I would set up stages for them, pushing gear and stuff like that” Olson Said.

“I do some stagehand work for my dad  when he is back lining for gigs like the  Butte Folk Fest. Being the head of sound in the Dramma department I have learned a bunch through Tommy Evans but with those things I have learned, all the tools and all the things you can do will help me, but the music  industry is ever changing so I don’t know what to expect” Said Olson.

As for Olson’s senior project, Olson is recording an EP(extended play) with his band California City his band has been a group for six months and have played live three times,  ones at a venue put on but the college radio station KBGA at Wave And Circuit in downtown Missoula they played two originals Predatory world, Nomad and the song Black Eyes by Brady Cooper  that was performed in the movie A Star Is Born. The second time was at a show Put on by Logan Rouch and the Big Sky drama department, the third time was a performance on KBGA, they played a live acoustic rendition of their original song Nomad.

California City recorded their EP(extended play) on April twenty-eighth Tommy Evans oversaw the recording and mixing as the primary  party in the signing of the band by Rusty Spear Records.

With these experiences, performances and opportunities under his belt Olson’s senior project is bound to be one for the record book, if there  was one that is.