Eagles’ Last Flight


Camdyn LaRance drives past a defender.

Branson Baker, Sports Writer

The 18-19 boys varsity team improved the team’s previous year record by 3 wins. “We didn’t have very many dubs, but it’s still fun to get out there and play.” said senior Mckee Muralt. Next year’s varsity team will include dominant players such as Camdyn LaRance, Everett Fred, and Caleb Boone. Hopefully with younger, stronger athletes under the new coaching staff Big Sky can turn around their losing streak in the years to come.

On March 1, the boys traveled to Kalispell for divisionals. Although their positive work ethic and good teamwork proved advantageous for them in the first two games of the playoffs. They were matched up against Sentinel and Flathead, two teams Big Sky lost to previously in the season. They played as hard as they could but ultimately couldn’t keep up and lost an uphill battle.
The Eagle boys faced off against Capital for their last home game of the season. It was a tough loss, ending 50-74. That put the Eagles average point difference at 15 for the season. The varsity team was 3-15 this season, which was an improvement from last year’s’ shameful 0-20. This increase is probably due to changes made by new coach Cory Sova. But the willpower and athleticism of the Eagles played a key role in achieving three wins this year.

For six players that would be their last game as Eagles. Seniors Gabe Bailey, Dillion Broere, Andrew Gardanier, Dan Morin, Mckee Muralt, Dylan Sandry, Brady Tabish, and Mason VanVallis all steadily improved their skills over their high school careers. The majority of these boys grew up together and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. This is key in building strong teamwork.