Big Sky Goes to Europe!

Aaron Toney, A&E editor.

The world is still huge with so much to learn, explore and to simply experience that are just waiting for people to take part in. “We are going to visit Paris, we are going to go to Pisa, the leaning tower of Pisa, however I’ve heard that’s about fifteen minutes. My brother who has traveled all over said, you will watch people get out of their bus to go look at it because you can’t go in to it, you look at it and then you take the picture and pretend like you’re holding up the tower  and then you’re back in the bus and go away,” said Mike Marcinkowski who is chaperoning the trip.

We’re going to spend two days in Paris, two days in Nice, two day in Rome,” said Grace Daniel, a junior who is going on the trip.

The school set up a trip for any students and teachers that wanted to go, Mr.Marcinkowski and Amy Miller and Meleina Helmer are going to be the chaperones on the trip so it’s safe to assume that the trip will be packed full with super fun things to do, cool places to see. “I’m so stoked, we’re going to be there for ten days we’re going to spend two days in each place. So we’re going to like Paris and Niece which is right next to the Mediterranean Sea, and your girl got a new pair of swim shorts for swimming because it’s going to be like seventy degrees,” said Daniel.

“I am planning on seeing Versailles It’s a palace and if you could imagine this hallway (the main hallway) about, i’d say six times taller, twice as wide, maybe like three times as wide and it’s full of like gold leaf mirrors, paintings everything is spectacular,” said Marcinkowski

“Look it up sometime in the images and you are just going to go “like holy crap.” It’s simply amazing.” “Rome, the Coliseum I want to see how big that thing is, I’ve heard that it is comparable to, you know stadiums right now. Which is bizarre to me,” said Marcinkowski. “I’m really just excited to see the European architecture because I nerd out over that stuff so hard.


“So when we are taking a train through the Begonia region we will see houses with really cool patterns on the roofs, and then when we get to nice the architecture there is completely different  than what you would see in Paris,” said Danial.

The aspirations of what will happen on the trip is close to coming true for the people going on the trip.  “ The Twenty-eighth of March is when we are taking off, we will go for ten days. As I understand it there are thirty five people going in all. This is the first year that we have ever done it, we are pretty excited because I we think it will go pretty smooth,” said Marcinkowski.

So my first payment was like three hundred dollars and I only had five hundred dollars in my bank account. So I was like, I have no idea how I’m going to do this because I had just quit my job and I was like mom if I need any help could you help me out, and she was like “no.”

So I sign up for it, had like two hundred dollars left in my bank account and I was scrambling to find a job. After that first payment it was pretty okay because I got my job and the payment itself was small enough to pay it off and still have a couple hundred dollars in your bank account. And because the payment started before summer time it was easy to do that,” said  Danial.

If you’re the type of person that loves the thought of travel but knows there is a curtain amount of risk involved but doesn’t have a clue of how to manage when problems with travel do happen they’re are companies that help out with these kinds of issue.

“Explorica is the company we are using, they took Amy and I on another trip already to show us how things are going to work, they are in charge of the logistics, making sure the bus is there, making sure everyone is safe,make sure they’re at the right restaurant and our job is to make sure the kids are being good,” said Marcinkowski.