Cons of Senior Projects

Cylestte Williams, Writer

Senior year is the year everyone is most excited about. You’re at the top of your school. You get to stand in the front row at every game. But most of all, it’s your last year.

But there is one thing the comes with senior year that everyone dreads: Senior Projects.

Senior Projects are a large project that a senior will do through the year. And each year, at the end of may, every senior presents their projects. As a senior, I think we shouldn’t have them.

Reason One:

They take up too much time.

Some may not agree with this statement. But it’s true. Senior Projects are so time consuming that it’s hard to focus on other school work like Government and English. This will also depend on the kind of project you decide to do. Whether it’s upcycling clothes, or training a dog, it all is very consuming.

Reason Two:

The amount of paperwork is ridiculous.

I do believe that there should be some paperwork when doing the project. But the amount they make seniors do is annoying honestly. You have advisor contract, mentor contract, time sheets, semester check in sheets, reflection paper. It’s all just too much! If they don’t stop senior projects, at least take away a lot of the paperwork.

Reason Three:

Some do easier projects then others.

Many seniors that do the project tend not to take it seriously. Many will go the whole year pretending to do it and then at the last minute they throw it all together. This can be unfair for those who actually take the time to work and complete their project.

     Why does this reason mean we should stop doing the projects? It’s simple. It can be very unfair depending on the project a senior will choose. Some like to go the simpler and easier way, well other go with something more challenging. The point of a project is to challenge oneself. And with many go with easy projects and makes it unfair for those who choose harder projects.


Many teachers and students will disagree with my reasoning for not wanting senior projects to be around anymore and that’s fine. But that doesnt mean I won’t stop wishing they would not exist.