The Half Moon Show Leaps To The Stage!


Laurinda Holgate

Striking a pose at the Half Moon Show!

Cylestte Williams and Aaron Toney

Did you see it? The Half Moon Show?

Wednesday, October 10th, the drama department of Big Sky put on the annual ‘Half Moon Show’

The Half Moon Show is a production that the drama department puts on every year to help get actors and the tech crew ready for the season ahead of them. Each year students of big sky perform different pieces such as singing, dancing, improv, skits, and maybe a monologue or two.

Wile the actors are getting ready to perform, the students that are apart of the big sky tech are running around to get everything ready. The techs do a lot for not only the Half Moon Show with having to put up the lights and sound systems, but they do a lot for the drama department in general. Without the techs there would probably be no drama shows, or at least not a super colorful and interesting one.

One of the categories the show is well known for is its improv.  By having the production it gives the Improv Club, which is every Wednesday at lunch in the drama room, a good chance to get familiar with the stage and to just let them have fun. With Emma Blonde, the leader of the Improv Club, its sure to be a fun and positive experience with her bright and fun persona. And if you have ever gone to one of the practices that they hold  on Wednesday at lunch then you can say they are absolutely hysterical, everything from the originality of them to just the sense that everyone playing along are good friends.

To see all that practice and friendship put to work on stage is an awesome an exiting thing to watch, and if you haven’t gone to a drama show then you’re missing out. Especially  if you haven’t ever gone to The Half Moon Show.

All the factors play in from all of the performers playing on their instrument of choice mixed with the steller light show put on by the techs, not to mention the fact the big sky kids on stage feel as comfortable up there as they do anywhere witch makes the performance  that much better.

Laurinda Holgate
Improve Team performing a skit.
Laurinda Holgate
Improv performance.
Laurinda Holgate
Bailey, a member of the improve team, stands on a chair.


Laurinda Holgate
Pillow Fight!!