Job Shadowing: A Crime To Remember

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Job Shadowing: A Crime To Remember

Alyssa Schaffer, who is featured

Alyssa Schaffer, who is featured

Alyssa Schaffer, who is featured

Alyssa Schaffer, who is featured

Cylestte Willliams, Staff Writer

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Senior year: The year to have fun and be wild before going into the adult world where one will either go to college or get a job. For many students it is a terrifying time. With the Senior papers and Senior projects. It’s no wonder they feel so much pressure. But in the end, it will all pay off.

One of many Seniors attending Big Sky is Alyssa Schaffer.

Like all seniors, she is getting prepped and ready to start working on her senior project.

“I want to job shadow a detective,” Schaffer stated. “Cause I want to be a homicide detective. I like a lot of crime shows and figuring things out”

What is a Senior Project? A Senior Project is a large task every senior must go through to graduate. During the course of the year they are asked to turn in paperwork as well as check up with their mentor and adviser regularly. Tasks that they must complete range from something as simple as contract forms (like the letter of intent and proposal), to hour log sheets and adviser check in.

Schaffer has always been a student at Big Sky. But, just like her, no senior realizes just how much work has to go into your senior project.

Schaffer talks about how she has no real feelings about all the paperwork. “I don’t really have any emotions towards it, I’m just kinda eh,”  Schaffer said. “I have to do it so…I’ll do it I guess.”

Another key component for Schaffer when starting her project was figuring out who is going to be her adviser. The adviser plays a big role in how well you do on the senior project. From little things like checking on students regularly, to signing off on the proposal. The adviser must also be a teacher of Big Sky. Each teacher is allowed up to five students.

When looking for an adviser, a main component to look for is ‘do I get along with this teacher?’ And, ‘can this teacher help me by answering all my questions?’.

“I chose Mrs. Strong” Schaffer said. “I’ve had her as my teacher a few times, and I like her.”

Another very important factor in senior projects is the Mentor. A mentor is someone who is a professional in the field of work. Students must have a completed contract, typically by late october early november.

Schaffer has not found her mentor yet, but talks about going to police departments to find a detective or police officer she could job shadow with.

“I’m going to go to the police station and ask if I can job shadow a detective. If not, then an officer”

As a Senior,

Schaffer is excited and can’t wait to graduate. Like every Senior it is just waiting and counting down the days until the day she walks across the stage to get her diploma.

Stay tuned for the next issue of Alyssa Schaffer’s progress through her senior project, coming out in mid November.