Jack Crepeau, Rising Star at Big Sky High


Jack Crepeau poses with his tuba Photo By Dennis Webber

Aaron Toney, Staff Writer

Jack Crepeau profile (In the shoes of Jack Crepeau)
“There are a few qualities that I feel a musician should show, one being responsibility, this involves being prepared for all performances with music learned and with everything necessary to play their instrument to the fullest”. Jack Crepeau said
“Another important quality is humility and the willingness to learn,” Crepeau said.
“These qualities are important to many musicians from all kinds of bands ranging from your average school band to the largest most intricate orchestras.”
Creapou started out playing the piano when he was in the second grade. He later worked his way up to the trumpet when he joined the school band. “I played the trumpet from fifth grade until seventh grade, that’s when I switched to the tuba.”
“I would have to say that the problems I had when I switched was air capacity although when I play a trumpet now I have no problem with air because playing the tuba involves a lot more air so I overcompensate when I play the trumpet” Crepeau said.
Creapou is in the Big Sky jazz band as well as the school brass band playing the tuba, and he was recently accepted as the first chair of the All National Orchestra.
“To prepare for the auditions I practiced with material provided by NAFME (National Association of Music Education) and my personal tutor Benedict Kirby”. “The audition for it involved me recording myself playing, so with the help of my band instructor I made several recordings in the band room, he and I went through and picked out the one that best showed my ability to play”. Said Crepeau. This opportunity will help Crepeau in the future when it comes to job opportunities or college opportunity, post high school I plan to go to college and major in Tuba performance and music education. My dream school is An Arbor in Michigan with Madison, Wisconsin coming in second.
“I hope one day to perform in a major orchestra and become a performer of tuba / Euphonium.” “Jack is a very talented bass trombonist in the schools brass band, jack is a very valuable member to the school’s band community”. “Jack is a good student and teacher, he
knows a lot about music and that knowledge and patience makes him a very good musician” said band instructor Mr. Dochnahl.
Said band instructor Mr. Dochnahl. When you have other people that believe in you you’re that much likely to become what you want to be in life and Crepeau is definitely on his way. Many people have a good idea about what they want to do when we are grown but some people don’t act on these dreams to try and make them a reality. Crepeau is one of the few high school kids that are already on their way to making their dreams a reality.
For many it’s hard to even decide what they want to do for a living or for the rest of their lives, but for Crepeau, and people like Crepeau, they have an easy time with this decision.This is because they were introduced at a young age to something that they love, in this case music, which for Crepeau is a way a life and will be his ticket to college and then later on a good paying job that could be both financially and socially beneficial by meeting new and interesting people.
There are many ways to meet new and interesting people like playing in an all national orchestra, when asked about what he is looking forward to Crepeau said “what I’m am looking forward to the most at all nationals is the chance to meet new people…from all walks of life, you find that it takes a really weird person to devote a good portion of their life to making music and i’ve found that weird people make the best of friends.”