Big Sky Sun Journal

2018-2019 Staff

Savannah Hauglum

News Editor

Savannah is a Junior at Big Sky High School. She wrestled and was involved in gymnastics for years previous. Her favorite class in Aerie Big Sky, which is one of the school's literary magazines. She enjoys the outdoors and is...

Andrew Gardanier

Sports Writer

Andrew is a Senior at Big Sky High school. He is the Sports editor for the Big Sky Sun Journal and is the "A" in BA Sports. Andrew was born in Mesa, Arizona on July 6, 2001, and is very much still an enthusiast of Arizona sports...

Angel Williams

Photo Editor

Angel is a Sophomore  at Big Sky High school, and prefers to go by Ang. She is also the Sun Journals Photo editor.She is a hard worker, loves the out doors, and is currently working on photography skills. Ang is in Big Sky's...

Cylestte Williams

Intro to Journalism

Hello! My name is Cylestte Williams. I'm in my Senior year. Things I like to do are reading, writing, dancing, singing, and hunting. This year i've joined the SunJounral because I love writing.

Brady Tabish

Vice Sports Editor

This is Brady’s second year on the newspaper staff. As the “B” in the BA Sports Podcast, he is looked upon by the sports staff for funny commentary on normal office work. He enjoys fast running on the beach like that of Ro...

Kalliesta Rodda

News Show Producer

I'm a senior. I love to write, it has always been a passion of mine.

Ava McPhillips

Staff Writer

Ava McPhillips is a freshman and 14 years old. She loves to play softball and to read.

Alissa Sampson

Staff Writer

Alissa Sampson is a Freshman. She has invested into her aesthetic too much.

Jaymie Sanders

Staff Writer

Jaymie Sanders is a sophomore at Big Sky. She is a 15 year old that is in love three things which include dancing, traveling, and writing. She can be found swimming in the river or at a coffee shop reading a good book.

Aubree Rush

Staff writer

Aubree is a sophomore at Big Sky and she is from Alaska. She has been playing  rugby for 4 years now.

Wyatt Gilbreth

Staff writer

Wyatt Gilbreth is a 17 year old junior in 2018-2019 and he is ready to be done with school. He walks around this his friend Orlando at lunch causing havoc in the halls, he enjoy the classes he has, but nothing beats chillin with...

Brenden Smith

Staff Writer

Brenden is in 10th grade at Big Sky High School, and some of his favorite pastimes are reading, drawing, listening to music, and playing video game.

Tiffany Hanson

Staff Writer

Tiffany Hanson is a Freshmen here at Big Sky. She has dark short curly hair and enjoys drawing and hanging out with friends. She also has a very bright and friendly personality which people adore most about her. She is a part...

Mackenzie Cummings

Staff Writer

Mackenzie Cummings is a Freshman. She loves to spend her spare time taking photos.

Laurinda Holgate

Staff Writer

Laurinda Holgate is a sophomore at Big Sky, she is very artistic and loves to read fiction books. Laurinda loves to write stories, and is contemplating what she wants to be when she grows up.

Maddison Crandall

Features Editor

I'm a sophomore at Big Sky High School. I go by Maddie. I like to take walks with my dog, hang out with friends and play sports.

Dylan Sandry

Travel Journalist

Dylan is a Senior at Big Sky entering his second year of journalism. Dylan enjoys being a funny guy and traveling to new places.

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