Dr. LA Thoma-Gustin and a friend demonstrate a workout on Instagram. (courtesy of @lathoma3)
Dr. LA Thoma-Gustin and a friend demonstrate a workout on Instagram.

courtesy of @lathoma3

Review: Learn With the Doctor

May 1, 2020

Working out from home can be a challenge. It could be from many reasons such as not enough floor space, no equipment, or even to enough motivation. There’s a way for you to workout from home with little space and no equipment!

I tried Dr. LA Thoma-Gustin’s workout program. I feel my body getting stronger within just two week of doing the workout everyday. The workouts have been fun to do with partners or just by myself at a park. 

Dr. Thoma-Gustin created the website Dare To Be Active with categories like Get Fit, Posture Check, Get Mobile and Pregnancy. Thoma-Gustin’s main goal is to help people stay active even if it’s being active while sitting down. Yes, you can be active while sitting! She leads exercises while she is on her couch and sitting in her dining room. She tries to make people aware of ways to be active and ways to stay healthy. Dare To Be Active gives workouts involving your legs, glutes, upper body, core, etc.


Get Fit:



Get Fit gives workouts that are only 10 minutes and workouts one part of your body. It is a great way to start off working out if your daily routine doesn’t already have a workout schedule. 


Get Mobile:



Get Mobile is a series of ways to help you get moving wherever you are whether you’re at work, school, or even your own house. The lessons are less than 15 minutes and can help improve your way of living. Simply by moving your neck a certain way while sitting or standing could help prevent future neck pains. 


Posture Check:



Posture Check gets tips and workouts to help form better posture in your day to day life. The videos are less than 15 minutes and tell or show ways to improve your posture. Learn how to get a posture that will benefit your neck and back while sitting.


Dr. LA Thoma-Gustin teaches exercises that anyone could do at any time. Once you have the workouts you can modify them and extend or shorten the time to rest and go. Ways to time your exercise is through the app IntervalTimer to create your personal workout schedule. 


Keeping your body on a good routine helps with your physical and mental health. Creating or following a workout will improve your way of living and your all around happiness. 


Check out Dr. LA Thoma-Gustin Dare To Be Active social media and YouTube page:

  • Instagram: @lathoma3


Dr. LA Thoma-Gustin’s workouts are in intervals and an app to track and your own intervals is IntervalTimer. This app allows you to create your open personal time you want to exercise. It has minutes/seconds working out and minutes/seconds of rest time. You create your own rest and workout time to your personal body needs on this app. 


Go to Google play or Apple App Store to find IntervalTimer


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