The special dice DND uses. (April Bentick)
The special dice DND uses.

April Bentick

DND Rolls The Dice

October 29, 2019

Did you know that Big Sky High School has a Dungeons and Dragons club? DND, is a fantasy tabletop/role-playing game. It was created in 1972 and was founded by Dave Arneson. If you’ve watched the show “Stranger Things,” you’ll notice the kids playing DND. In 2017, said publisher Wizards of the Coast, it was the largest sales year for DND of all time.


“The DND club started at Big Sky in 2016, when graduate Micah Smith, and senior Evan Stevens asked me to sponsor a role-playing game,” says teacher Mrs. Ellen. “The students needed a place to meet, so I started it in my room. This is its 4th year.”

students pose in a friendly way
April Bentick
Phoenyx Talor, Brendan Smith, Elijah Burton, Micah Bennett, Desirae Campos, Kaley Burton, Jetta Bauer, JJ Albertson, Ryan Helmer, and Vlad Decker pose at a club meeting on October 9.

It’s basically a club where people can go to play DND. DND is a role-playing game that focuses on communication rather than playing on your phone. These games are created to be interacting with others you have to build your character and be creative with making it.  “Role playing games are where you create your own adventures and develop your own characters,” says Mrs. Ellen.


Pathfinders, another game the club plays, has fewer limitations on character making. DND has less variety of options for character building. “Pathfinders is similar to DND with the characters and adventures. Say Mrs. Ellen.


This school year, the club is active again and they are focusing on DND. Brendan Smith is the Dungeon Master this year. A Dungeon Master, is the game organizer and person in charge of creating the details and challenges of an adventure, while maintaining a realistic continuity of events. Every day, 15-20 students meet in room 24 at lunchtime to develop their characters and plan their campaigns.


The club also meets after school for two hours every Monday and every Blue Thursday. More students are finding their way to the club every week. Students of all grades are welcome.

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