Sandman’s Sports Movie Ranking

January 30, 2019

I spent the whole winter break watching sports movies on a plane in order to rank them. I watched 30 movies and came up with a top ten of all time. Sports movies in my mind are the most anticipated movie releases because it is something most people can revolve around.

Sports movies are the best because often they aren’t very high budget movies because they don’t need any cheesy special fx. I chose a mix of sports with baseball, football, hockey, and boxing.


  1. Moneyball

In this movie the Oakland A’s try to prove that even with limited budget they can beat the rich ball clubs. I like this movie because the actors are perfect for the roles and it is a comeback story that everyone can root for.


  1. The Blind Side

In this movie a wealthy white family takes in a homeless black teen and becomes part of the family all the while becoming a top college recruit. This movie is in the number 9 spot because of the story line that was based off a true story. He opens up to the family and becomes just like them.

  1. Field of Dreams

In this movie a corn farmer hears voices and takes it as a sign to build a baseball diamond in his backyard. This movie is great because of the quotes that come out of it such as “if you build it they will come”.


  1. Miracle

In this movie a college coach puts together the US olympic team and they try to upset the big favorite. I really enjoyed this movie because of the classic underdog story and its patriotism of beating the Soviet Union in the middle of the cold war.


  1. Rocky

In the movie a small time boxer is chosen to take on the world champion. This movie was an instant classic with 6 sequels.


  1. The Karate Kid

In this movie a boy moves to california and is the victim of bullies he is then trained unconventionally to beat the bullies. The original movie was great with its training montages and triumphant scene in the end.

  1. Remember the Titans  

In this movie a high school is forced to integrate and so was the football team. This movie was great because it was about more than football. It was about racism and overcoming overwhelming odds to win the state championship.


  1. Hoosiers

In this movie a small town in Indiana, a failed college coach gets a second chance when he is hired to coach a high school team. This movie is a classic David vs. Goliath story and it shows that there is more that goes into basketball.    


  1. Creed

In this movie a boy never met his famous boxer father but strives to become a great boxer without using his father’s name. This movie is newer and takes some of the movie “Rocky” but more current with great actors including Rocky himself.


  1. We Are Marshall

In this movie a plane crash killed an entire football and a new coach comes in and strives to build a winning program again. I ranked this as number one in the greatest movies of all time roster because it is a movie about tragedy and a program that rises out of the ashes to become dominant again.


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