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Cylestte Williams

Drama students listen to Sarah Degrandpre’s instructions.

Cylestte Williams, Writer

Lights. Sound. Action.

Drama. A class based off of the performing arts. Here at Big Sky, teacher Sarah Degrandpre, has been teaching since 1987.

Throughout the time period of Degrandpre teaching, one thing she enjoys the most is being able to work with the students.

“The kids,” Degrandpre began. “The students. They’re pretty cool. Yeah I’m pretty lucky to work with some of the greatest people in the world.”

The drama department has many different classes that students can take, each one different in its own way. There is Drama One, a class that typically freshman or upperclassmen take before they can move onto any of the higher classes, Drama 2,3, and 4 are classes you can take after Drama One. Then there are even IB Drama classes.

Or, for those who don’t want to be a part of a drama/acting class, there are other classes they can take. Like the Drama Tech class. This classes goes over the technical side of the theater, giving students a chance to do hands on learning.

For those who love to film and make movies, this would be the best class to take. It helps teach students how to film properly as well as giving them a chance to watch movies to see how different forms of filming are done.

And lastly, the Dance class, also known as The Movement to Theater Class. This class is fun and creative. Each year a dance from Bare Baits Dance, a program at the University of Montana, will come and teach the class a dance. Helping them get ready for the Dance Concert in the spring.

Throughout her years of teaching the arts, there has always been a certain line she would say. Degrandpre has always told any student who has joined the program is, “This is a performance based class. Meaning you have to perform.”

This means that when in the course of drama 2,3,4, and even the IB classes, students are expected to put 110% in for little things such as improv to bigger things like plays and musicals.

Some of the more well-known shows that the drama department puts on are the Cabaret Show and the Dance concert. But, those aren’t the only productions the drama department produces. This year the drama department plan on putting a musical on in May, something each drama student looks forward to each year.

In previous years, the drama department has put on musicals such as The Addams Family, All Shook Up, and more. It’s no wonder the students are excited every year for every production.

The drama program is a student based class. Students get to do things as simple as directing a play, to being stage manager for drama shows. Students also take charge in the programs for things like the improv Group, choreographing dances for the Cabaret Show and the Dance Concert.

Degrandpre speaks highly of her students about the way they help each other out consistently.

“Upperclassmen quite often teach underclassmen, or work together to help each other or train someone new. No one’s ever alone,” Degrandpre spoke. “There’s always someone who’s got your back, which is great.”

“It feels like everybody else knows everybody, but we just want to get to know you. And we just want you to be a part of you, but you got to jump in and be a part of it,” Degrandpre stated. “It’s a great thing to do.”

Degrandpre is excited to meet new students who have a passion for theater like herself and can’t wait for the years ahead.

Cylestte Williams
Students stand in a group working on an assignment.
Cylestte Williams
Sarah Degrandpre giving instruction to her students.