Isaiah Kim dancing to Bleeding Out at the Dance Concert held by the Drama Department.

Angel Williams

Isaiah Kim: Ridin’ Solo

May 31, 2018

Young man dancing stage.

Angel Williams
Isaiah Kim dancing to Bleeding Out at the Dance Concert held by the Drama Department.

To be good at something it takes motivation and innovation.
Take Isaiah Kim as an example. “I was home alone one day, bored as crap, and I just pulled up a YouTube video of a street dancer, and it was only 30 seconds long but everybody was freaking out when he was dancing,” he says.
Kim thought learning to dance was going to be easy but he realized he was wrong. “I thought this guy is barely doing anything. I could easily do that so I went into my backyard and basically tried to do it and realized it was a little bit more difficult than the way he made it seem”.
Kim likes modern dance, stuff that people enjoy watching. “Hip-Hop, contemporary, things like that,” says Kim. “Contemporary is a little more ballet oriented except it’s more modern.”
He keeps up with the dance culture and there are so many dancers that he likes and watches. “There hasn’t been one single person that has influenced my dancing because there are so many people and I’m always finding new and better people,”
He just goes and tries to find how to get better and new ways of dancing.
YouTube dancers help. For example if you look up a video of the Les Twins, you will see them dancing to a lot of popular songs. To get the audience involved. “I think the best dancers that have influenced me are Les Twins,” says Kim.
Kim does most of his dances by himself because he can be more creative and he can do it more easily. “I prefer solo because group dances are way more complicated and take way more coordination and planning. But watching wise I think group dances are way more impressive.”
Kim comes out at assemblies to perform the dances that he has been perfecting for weeks. He goes on the floor and tries to entertain the crowd by making them involved. He goes around the gym gesturing at each section of the student body to get hyped and to clap or sing along to the song, like a true entertainer. Kim plans on attending the University of Montana before going down to Los Angeles to major in business or dance.

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