All time low in missoula
All time low in missoula

All Time Low Comes to Missoula

April 24, 2018

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The lights go down and the band walks out on to the darked stage, the crowd starts to scream with delight. The lights rise up, a sea of colors envelopes the crowd, reds, greens, yellows all illuminate the young, excited faces of the crowd.

On Wednesday, April 18th 2018 All Time Low performed at The Wilma in Missoula, MT.

All Time Low is an alternative rock band, born in 2003 out of Towson, Maryland. The group is made up of four members; Alex Gaskarth (Lead Vocalist), Jack Barakat (Lead Guitarist), Zack Merrick (Bassist), and Rian Dawson (Drummer). They got their name from lyrics of “Head Collision” by New Found Glory. 

The performance had an exhilarating feel to it, the crowd was pumped up and emotions were all over the place. The crowd was singing along as they performed and dancing to the songs. 

The majority of the songs were from their album Last Young Renegade, released in 2017. They also played stuff from their older albums like “Dear Maria, Count Me In” and “Weightless”. 

The openers were Gnash and Dreamers, Dreamers performed first, opening with “Sweet Disaster.” Gnash began with “I Hate You, I Love You”. Both bands were very talented, had two very extraordinary acts and seem to have bright futures in front them.

The crowd was packed full of people dressed to the nines, all looking up at the stage with admiration and hope in their eyes. All Time Low was up on stage singing and seemingly have a fun time, even with lead singer Alex Gaskarth getting over voice strain. All Time Low rocked the house and did not leave the crowd disappointed. 

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