Opinion: Look Good, Play Good

March 8, 2018

Imagine Allen Iverson storming the court without his signature cornrows, tattoos, and patriotic uniform. Sure his star power is a great influencer, but could he still rally the crowd in a plain blue jersey with red letters?

A loud stage presence, vibrant showmanship, and exceptional talents draws the crowds. When everyone’s talent is through the roof players need something else to stand out from the rest.

Jerseys serve one purpose: to differentiate the two opposing teams. Basic home jerseys are white and away jerseys are black, both containing the primary colors of the team. Home teams wear the lighter color of their colors and the opposing team darker.

The 1980s brought advancement in uniform design and material. A wider spectrum of colors were used. Basketball uniforms transitioned into its modern form around the early 1990s. The uniforms became flashier and more appealing to look at. Jerseys became baggier, to allow less-constricted movement. Shorts also became longer, reaching the knee.

It was also common for rappers to wear oversized and vibrant jerseys to match their exuberant personalities and promote image.

High School athletics do not have anywhere near the same amount of funding as professionals. So uniforms rarely change. Big Sky High School’s football uniforms consist of a basic blue jersey (white number), tan pants, and gold helmets. But I say it’s time for a change.

Solid colors and plain text don’t catch the eye and look as nice as they could. More attractive uniforms could potentially draw in more people to the games. Why watch or have any interest in high school games if players come and go annually? If your child doesn’t play there is no point, unless we have a team personality.

Multi-sport athlete Wyatt Shin, a junior, believes the track uniforms need to be updated. “They’re old as [heck]”.  The same uniforms have been recycled every year. “The sweats are older but the uniforms are alright. It really depends on what you get.” Shin was referring to the two styles of track uniforms; tight and loose.

The current basic football uniforms are tolerated by most players, but could be better. Helmets are a common topic of change. “I’d put the eagle stickers back on the helmet. They kinda look cool with the sticker on it,” stated Shin.

Two year Big Sky player Kenny Flink, also a junior, agreed with different helmets. “The helmets, we should all have flex helmets.”

Flink would also tweak the uniforms’ colors. “We need new pants. The tan pants are kinda gross looking. White would look better”.

Newer equipment and fresher looking uniforms would be a great addition to all Big Sky teams. This would also boost players’ attitudes, giving them a sense of captivating confidence. That would in turn positively affect their actions.

Former NFL player Deion Sanders summarizes this concept, “If you look good, you feel good, if you feel good, you play good, if you play good, they pay good.”


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