November Post-Secondary Month Aspire to Graduate


November Post-Secondary Month Aspire to Graduate

By: Angel Williams

For the past three years Big Sky has been using a whole month for Post-Secondary Month. Through the month there are many stands in the school’s hallways, during lunch on Wednesdays Some of the stands for this year include, Military tables , Rocky Mountain School of Photography, UM Goals, and more.

There is a:

Rocky Mt. School of Photography

RMSP (Rocky Mountain School of Photography) is a school just for students who want to do photography. There are two classes on that last six weeks during summer and the other that is 8 months long. In a video show to the Sun Journal, RMSP employee Andy Benson  states the following “For Eight Months you will live, breathe, and Dream Photography” later in the video, it shares “ Being a photographer is hard, its one of the toughest careers out there but it’s worth it because photography is more than just a job it’s a way of life”. RMSP is teaching you how to be a professional photographer, they have students come from all over the world, students from China, the UK, and even more. Ansel Adams, Neil Chaput his wife, and Jeanne first opened the RSMP doors in 1989.


Bitterroot Cosmetology School

The Bitterroot School of Cosmetology is a beauty school. The school offers courses for cosmetology, manicuring, and teacher training. They also offer student salon services to the public that are performed by highly students that are supervised by licensed instructors.


University of Montana  Goals

UM Goals helps out with making sure students will succeed in The University of Montana. UM Goals also does Education  For The Global Century, Discovery And Creativity to Serve Montana and The World, Dynamic Learning Environment, And Planning-Assessment Continuum.


University of Montana  Student Success & Internships

The UM Student Success & Internships provides a student with the opportunity to apply the knowledge he or she has learned in a classroom by participating in a workplace environment related to a chosen career field.  


The Stands will all be located down the Counseling hallway on:


Military Tables__________________________________________________11/1 11:00-12:30

Rocky Mt. School of Photography___________________________________11/8 11:00-12:30

Bitterroot Cosmetology___________________________________________11/8 11:00-12:30

Jobs Corps____________________________________________________ 11/8 11:00-12:30

UM Goals_____________________________________________________11/8 11:00-12:30

UM Student Success & Internships_________________________________11/15 11:00-12:30

UM National Student Exchange____________________________________ 11/29 11:00-12:30

CSKT Tribal College Readiness____________________________________11/29 11:00-12:30

YWCA _______________________________________________________11/29 11:00-12:30