A day in the life of a Freshman

kadi Burnaby, staff writer

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It is 7:23 on a Tuesday morning, and Isabel Cameron arrives at the bus stop. She walks over to speak to a group of freshmen standing a circle at the bus stop. Then she walks away to look down the road to see if the bus is close. She has her arms crossed and looks cold.

The bus arrives on time and she climbs on.

Cameron looks out the window as the bus pulls away from the curb, then looks down at her phone.

She settles in for the ten minute ride to Big Sky High School, where she is a freshman.

“High school is not intimidating.” Cameron says. “ it is not as bad as the movies make it seem.”

When the bus stops at school, everyone gets off and goes their own way. Isabel meets up with a group of friends in front of the school and goes to the cafeteria to get her morning cinnamon roll.

Isabel comments, “I will never be late because of the ten minute passing period great .” A quick restroom stop before class is next in her routine.

Cameron walks into Algebra class late, takes her seat and talks to the student next to her about being late.

Mr. Kearney instructs the class to talk in groups and write down what SOAR means. Just then an announcement comes over the intercom that picture retakes for freshman are being taken in the wrestling room. She stood up from her seat, and started for the door.

On the way there, Isabel and her friends stop at the coffee cart and Cameron orders a chocolate peppermint mocha, exclaiming, “I hope this doesn’t take all my money.”

Then it is wait in line, smile pretty and off she goes back to Algebra . Mr. Kearney hands out an assignment for Cameron to work on the rest of class. One down three to go!  

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A day in the life of a Freshman